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With your emphasis on teaching Math Facts, at an early age how is your program different than a traditional “drill and kill” approach to memorizing math facts?

JapanMath Math Fact Mastery co-exists with Logic Games, hands on manipulative learning, literature, and art.  Our focus on Math fact Mastery is essential  with the ultimate goal of students moving on to a hard

er subset of facts.  

Is JapanMath used in Japan?

Yes, since its inception, has been used in Japan, Korea, China, the United States and over thirty other countries.

Does JapanMath require the use of Japanese?

No.  Math is a universal language and although the foundation of Japan Math is rooted in Japan, the site is accessible to all and the site is developed in English.

Who developed JapanMath?

JapanMath was developed by Jody Weissler.  Jody is an active educator, speaker, writer, and founder of the Education Network.  He has over 15 years of experience teaching at the Kindergarten to University level.  He is a lifelong learner who had spent several years developing the research-based prior to launch. JapanMath represents his general enthusiasm towards Math and his goal to see global math fluency increase.

Does JapanMath have any printed materials to buy?

We have several math fact workbooks currently available.

Could a Speaker or presenter share JapanMath with my group, conference, school?

Yes,  simply go to our Presentation/Speaking Engagement page and contact us.